Below are some links to some Archery Governing Bodies.

Dyfed Archery Association

Welsh Archery Association

Archery GB/GNAS (Grand National Archery Society)

Looking for other Welsh Archey Clubs?
If you'r looking for other Archery Clubs in Wales, we sugest you go to the 'Welsh Archery Association' website (see link above) and use their club finder.
There are too many clubs to list here.

Archery Supplies
There are many archery supply shops throught the UK. We do not recomend one more than another, but the two our club tend to use more often than not, are.

Wales Archery

​Colin holding the Clout Trophy
He won

Club Clothing

Our club colours are black and gold. Although it is not necessary to ware club colours during normal shoots, if you enter interclub competitions, i.e. Dyfed Archery Association Championships, then club colours have to be worn.  
  St Brides Bay Clothing has our logo and they can put our logo on black tee-shirts or polo shirts for our club members.
            St Brides Bay Clothing is located at the following address.
5 Agamemnon House, Nelson Quay, Milford Marina, Pembrokeshire. SA73 3YA

Tel-: 01437 781111

​For some reason the link to this site won't work. To get to the site, copy the link below and paste in into your web browser. 

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Club Activities and News
​​ DAA Indoor Chamionship​

Please note (if you dont already know) the annual Dyfed champs will take
place on Sunday 11th Febuary at the leisure centre so no club shoot. PLease come along and support our archers competing.

   During the year, our club holds many activties, one of which is the Dyfed Archery Associations indoor championships, which we have been lucky enough to have held at our winter venue, (Fishguard Sports Centre) for many years.
   We also hold our own indoor championship here along with several fun shoots, Christmas shoot  and our Pudsey charity shoot. 

   During the Summer, we shoot outdoors at our rang near Scleddau; where we hold different target competitions, clout and outdoor championship.
                          For upcoming events, keep an eye on this space.

​Fort Archers Winter Season

​As of next Sunday the 1st of October we will be back 
at Fishguard Leisure Centre for our Winter Shoots.
Hope to see you there. Dave.

​No Shooting on the following Dates

​All members, Please note there will be no shooting
on the 24th and 31st of December.
Shooting will resume on the the 7th of January

Marek-: Welsh Champion and
Longbow Master bowman
Striking a pose with his Longbow.  

Mastering the Game
   Archery is a skill which has to be learnt. There are plenty of archers at the club who will be willing to advise you to the best of their ability and we do have our own instructor to teach you the right way's. You can learn the pure skills of archery by shooting bearbow (no sights or stabilisers) or recurve with the aide of sights, stabilisers and anything that aids accuracy, or you could go over to the darkside and shoot Compound where you have the equivalent to a telescopic sight on a rifle, stabilisers and a trigger mechanisam known as a release. I've seen one of our clubmembers get six out of six golds in an area the size of a CD at 100yards with his compound bow. Thats accurate shooting. 

Yours Truly, at full stretch with my Recurve bow.

​Fort Archers Weather Forcast

​Click on the link below to find out the weather for the next severn days in your area, or Scleddau (for summer shoots), or Fishguard (for winter shoots), if your thinking about next Sundays Shoot.

Enter your town or post code in the location box and click on 'GET FORCAST'.

​Fort Archers Weather