​A typical Sunday Shoot; Some shooting, some socialising and some just soaking up the friendly atmosphere. 
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North Pembrokeshire SUPERSTARS

Hi all,
    We have been asked by Steve Lewis @ Pembrokeshire County Council Youth Services to participate at a Junior Superstars event at the Fishguard Leisure Centre on 12th July 2018, set up from 7:30pm and a session until 8:45pm so it won’t be long. You never know we may get some members out of it !!! Hall been booked and costs covered by Youth Services and will be no more than 20 participants attending.
​     We’ll need help to set up and take down targets and to supervise the event.

​Front Page New​​s

To all members of Fort Archers

This club has been in existence since approximately 1996 and has up until now been able to sustain itself financially, reasonably comfortably by asking for a shooting fee of £2 for juniors and £4 for seniors. However recently the local authorities have changed their policies regarding their support of local sporting organisations that encourage and promote their sport and the younger generations who wish to enter it . This has meant that the fees for the weekly rental of the leisure centre have been increased to the extent that our current subs will no longer cover the costs of rental. Your committee have therefore reluctantly decided to raise the weekly subs by one pound per shooting member. In addition. your committee has agreed as individual members to supply a raffle prize for say every few weeks and a raffle will be held on a shooting morning for that prize. We trust that you will all understand the decision that has been taken. These changes will take effect from the beginning of 2018.

​​Fort Archers Greatful Thanks

​​​All the members of Fort Archers would like to greatfully thank Greens Glazing for their kind sponsership of todays shoot 29th October 2017.
​Congratulations to Iestyn Dobel on getting his first tripple tens. Well done Iestyn .
​Congratulations To Betsi Walton-Griffiths on getting her first tripple tens
​Well done Betsi.


​    Mel was shooting on Sunday morning along with all the other club members in attendance. He was not shooting exceptionally well as he was suffering from post "Man Flu" flu jab blues. However during the morning Dai Sneade decided to use stick on target centres to cover up the by now battered faces. He put one on Mel's target at the same time and almost simultaneously an amount of barracking was recieved from elsewhere in the hall. Things like "thats optimistic" and " some people kid themselves don't they". Accepting banter is the norm, Mel stepped up to the shooting line and planted three perfect arrows in the X. Rather than spoil the momnent he packed up for the morning.

​Fort Art

While Mowing the field the other day, Mel mowed 'FORT' into the grass. Well done Mel and all free hand or free mowed.
​​ ​Bows and Guns

Seven Fort Archers members enjoyed an evenings air rifle shooting at the dragons rifle club at Narberth on Tuesday 7th. We had one round of 5 pellets each with two different rifles both at ten yards. It is fair to say that there were mixed fortunes throughout and as to be expected we were beaten overall by the home club team. Of our team Mel scored the highest but only very narrowly beating Paul and Geraint into second and third place. After the main rounds it was suggested that we had what they call a snap shoot. This again involved five shots but this time we were given a signal to raise our rifles and then given three seconds to fire each shot. Well that's when the fun started. Mel was the first to put one of his shots into the carpet followed not far behind by Dave doing the same. So over the three years we have been doing it the scores are Dave, one radiator and one carpet and Mel with one carpet watch this space, It could be the light fittings next. Will it ever be forgotten? I doubt it. Oh yes and Mel won a bottle of wine in the raffle. Lucky f-----r. That's “feller”
                   The Carpet baggers

They say that archery is friendly pastime,
A sport that is just full of fun.
But there's some who would say, at the end of the day,
Don't trust an old archer with a gun.

This all comes about after some went out,
To the dragons gun club in Narberth.
The evening went well with top score to Mel,
And with sarnies half time and much mirth.

But then came the quick shoot with triggers quite light,
And little time to take good aim.
There were good shots and bad and some even sad,
But all in the spirit of the game.

So why carpet baggers I hear you all say,
Because Dave and old Mel while competing quite well
Put two shots in the carpet that day.

It will not be forgotten by those who are rotten,
And especially by those who were there.
But our skins are thick and despite all the tricks,
At the end of the day we don't care.


​Will it ever be forgoten? I thought not! The banter continues.
​Today, Geraint brought in a piece of carpet and pinned it to one of the targets, he then invited Dave and Mel to have some carpet shooting practice! 
                            Very Funny!

​Summer Location; Instructions to get There .

From Haverfordwest, after passing through Scleddau, take the first turning left, onto the A4219 signposted St Davids, then take the next left and follow the road signposted Jordanston. The entrance to our field is 261yds (0.15miles) on the right.
    From Fishguard, Just before reaching Scleddau, turn right onto the A4219 signposted St Davids, then take the next left and follow the road signposted Jordanston. The entrance to our field is 261yds (0.15miles) on the right.
To find the field on Google Earth, copy and paste the following coordinates into the search field in Goole Earth.
51 58 06.52N 5 00 06.22W

​Jim's Joke Of The Week

I've stopped speaking to my wife!
​I don't like interrupting!!

​O dear!!!

​Fort Archers Summer Season

​Don't forget folks, as of next Sunday 1st of April, we will be shooting outdoors at our range in Scleddau.